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We are a young and dynamic Studio.
A team of developers looking to make an impact on Web and Gaming Industry.
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About Us

Frooty Studios, founded in 2019 is an all out Development Company located in beautiful city of Dehra Dun near the Himalayan foothills. Our team consist of experienced Web, Game, and Database Developers. We believe in providing efficient and quality solutions to our Client in optimum Budgets.

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Web Development

Do you want to see your Web Application hosted beautifully on the Internet, with all the bells and whistles of Modern day Web Applications?
Our team developes Web Applications for you with all your requirements of a modern site.
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Game Development

Want to power up the next hit title on any of the top Digital Game Stores? Let us know, we'll respond and help you to get your product on to the App Stores. We love to create and play games, so join in on our passion and let's build something great together.


Welcome to Smart Robo, Smart Robo is an IoT project to provide devices' realtime data on the Application's dashboard. Dynamic Settings regarding the devices' threshold limits, Realtime Email Notifications, AI for predicting anomalies in the real time signals of the devices using Loud ML, LDAP support for convenience in adding more users.
Welcome to HotHui, HotHui is a fast-paced strategic game that relies on some lucky numbers picked by players. The HotHui board is easy to play, just pick numbers from the board and try to build up your money before striking out.
KISS is a simple app that has two main objectives: First, The ability to create hard to break pass words without ever forgetting them. Second, The ability to convert text messages into numbers allowing you to keep all your messages private even when your phone falls into the wrong hands. Use KISS to spice up your messages by giving numeric values to the letters. and create a feeling of suspense for the Reader.
Welcome to PaiGowBang. PaiGowBang is a variation of Poker played between player and the house. Beat the house if you can and win points. Play three rounds of PaiGow Poker and Hangman to earn yourself a place in Leaderboard. Each week Top three players play in a multiplayer game together to beat the House and earn Rewards.
The Search101 extension consists of only what you need right at your fingertips. Easy view of the current time, quick access to your social media accounts, as well as easy access search functionality providing relevant results in an instant. Search101 provides an effortlessness users experience, with functional features that will bring fluidity to your browser experience.
Match Mania is fun to play puzzle game, It offers 40 different levels and more coming soon. It's a relaxing game to spend time with. Match three or more fruits to make a fruit bomb and complete all the objectives in the limited number of moves. For fun rewards, spin the reward wheel and get cool kinds of stuff.

Few Reasons Why we might be the right Choice.

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Quick Support

You can count on us, when you need support. We’ll be there to help you out in hour of need.
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This is the core principle that we follow, we believe in implementing best quality code as per the industry standards.
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Experienced Team

We have a small passionate and experienced team of developers.
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Team Indulgence

You know your product best. But we’ll be there to guide you through its implementation whenever you need it.


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Frooty Studios has been a plus in our goal to entertain and connect with our audience and has provided us with a professional and efficient working relationship that we know will last for many years to come.

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D. Mitchell, COO at PM.

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We found that Frooty Studios were brilliant, very accomodative and helped us tide through the ups and down durign the development phase and helped us meet all the project deadline.

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Pankaj Roy, CEO at Osiris Systems.

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It has been amazing to work with FrootyStudios! Great dedication and they have delivered an amazing product! They reply very quickly, are very adaptable and above all very easy to work with!.

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Brent van der Plas, Student Instructor at University of Amsterdam.


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Saurabh Sharma

Founder & CEO
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Mohit Uniyal

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Deepak Devrari